Revitol Cream - Understanding It's Features And Benefits

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For anyone who likes to wear sexy clothes and loves to flaunt her bodys best assets, having stretch marks is a terrifying thought. Good thing that there are quality stretch mark products like Revitol Cream that can effectively and safely address this concern. After all, having stretch marks can ruin an otherwise beautiful physical appearance.

Pregnancy and weight loss are two of the most common causes of stretch marks. Once you develop ugly stretch marks, it is quite a challenge having to deal with the situation and oftentimes, it can also be frustrating. Imagine having to do some drastic changes with your choice of wardrobe or not being able to wear your favourite swimwear and active wear.

For most women, this is indeed a major concern particularly among those who love to dress up or spend a lot of time doing active activities like swimming, exercising at the gym or dancing. All these activities require a woman to wear something sexy and revealing. Unfortunetly, having unsightly stretch marks can be a problem in this case. Who would want to expose and flaunt her tummy and thighs with the presence of ugly stretch marks?

Revitol Cream offers a favourable and safe solution to problems involving stretch marks. Not only is this product effective; it is also economical and features an excellent safety profile. If you are a woman who is suffering from stretch marks secondary to pregnancy, weight loss or other reasons, this is a product that is specifically designed and formulated for you to get rid of this skin issue.

If you are wondering what makes Revitol Cream effective in improving the skins condition and in preventing and treating stretch marks, you must understand how it works. This product is formulated to penetrate the damaged site which is the skins fibrous protein itself. It is highly recommended that you use it right after taking a bath in order to open up the skins pores effectively. Upon application, it only takes 5 minutes for the skin to absorb it sufficiently. Recommended frequency of application is twice to three times per day. It can also be used as a stretch mark prevention cream.

Revitol Cream is scientifically formulated to penetrate the skin deeply. Furthermore, it gets in contact with the cells of the skin on a molecular level. As a result, there is apparent improvement in the cell turnover; and the natural ability of the skin to reproduce new skin cells is further enhanced to achieve healthier looking skin.

The active ingredients of this product are 10% Squaline oil which is derived from organic vegetable sources and shark cartilage, Vitamin E to protect cell membrane as well to avoid damage caused by free radicals, Vitamin A Palmitate to improve skin cell growth and correct skin imperfections, Vitamin D3 to boost cellular activity of the skin cells, stimulate cell reproduction and improve protein production, and DL-Penthenol that protect new skin cells.

Understanding the features and benefits of Revitol Cream can convince you that this product is indeed effective in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. Since it is made up of natural ingredients, it also offers a good safety profile.
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Revitol Cream - Understanding It's Features And Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/10/05